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p12 Classic Correspondence

      Mike Caveney


P17 For What It’s Worth

      Mark Kornhauser


p19 Update

      Make Believe 

      World Magic Seminar  


      Last Cake Standing

      Nathan Burton

      Jorge Blass

      Desperate Acts of Magic


p32 Ring-Linking Rabbit-Yankers: Magicians on the Simpsons

      The Simpsons


p38  Masters of Illusion:
Jewish Magicians of the Golden Ageof Magic



p44 Alfonso, Magic’s Mr. Natural



p48 Franz Harary’s Excellent Adventure

      Franz Harary

      Kingdom of Dreams


p54 Convention Grid

      Online Convention Guide


p61 Talk About Tricks

      Joshua Jay


p78 Directions

      Joanie Spina


p96 Recommended Retailers

      Top Hat Magic Supply