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P15 For What It’s Worth

      Mark Kornhauser


p20 Viewpoint

      John Lovick 

      Glenn Kaino


p21 Update

      Penn & Teller 

      Houdini: Dog Magician

      Chad Sanborn

      Chuck Jones

      J C Sum 


p34 Rich Bloch: A Matter of Balance

      Rich Bloch  

      Dickens Parlour Theatre


p44 RKO 589: Discovering Hollywood’s First Houdini Film

      Wild About Houdini


p50 Magic Circle Christmas Show

      Dale Salwak

      The Magic Circle  


p52 Odd Man In

      Rob Zabrecky


p63 Talk About Tricks

      Joshua Jay


p70 Directions

      Joanie Spina


p74 Teach by Magic

      Teach by Magic


p96 Recommended Retailers

      The Magic Warehouse