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p14 Classic Correspondence

      Mike Caveney


p19 The Show Doctor

      Jeff McBride 


p23 Update

      Dixie Dooley

      Spike and Hammer

      Superstars of Magic

      V, the Ultimate Variety Show

      Steve Dacri: In Your Face

      Rudy Coby

      Maestro’s Menagerie

      The Spy Magic Show

      Elmhurst Historical Museum

      The Jewish Museum

      Make Believe

      Rachel Colombini

      Wild at Heart

      Wizardz Magic Theater


p34 Chuck Jones, The Magic Man

      Chuck Jones


p46 The Mandala — Reincarnated

      The Manadala


p52 Digital Campfires

      Essential Magic Conference


p67 Talk About Tricks

      Joshua Jay

      Four From Four Gaff


p74 Directions

      Joanie Spina


p76 Real-World Methods…

      Steve Haberman


p96 Recommended Retailers

      Hocus Pocus

      Twin Cities Magic