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p12 Classic Correspondence

      Mike Caveney


p17 The Show Doctor

      Jeff McBride 


p21 Update

      H. Rick Bamman

      Matt Marcy’s Disillusioned

      Wonders of Magic

      American Museum of Magic

      Magic & Fairytales for Grownups



      Geffen Playhouse

      Joshua Jay


p32 Mark & Jinger — In a Tent!

      Kalin & Jinger


p44 4FXL

      Obie’s 4F


p46 Shawn Farquhar: World Champion Close-up Magician


p58 Waking Up

      Jamie D. Grant


p69 Talk About Tricks

      Joshua Jay

      Rick Lax

      Iain Moran


p76 Directions

      Joanie Spina


p78 Real-World Methods…



p96 Recommended Retailers

      Magie Spectram

      H&R Magic Books