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p12 Classic Correspondence

      Mike Caveney


p17 The Show Doctor

      Jeff McBride 


p18 Viewpoint

      Joseph Zompetti


p21 Update

      Lance Burton


      Academy of Magical Arts

      Steve Dacri: In Your Face

      Gathering 4 Gardner

      Magic in the Park

      Sid Fleischman


p34 Nathan Burton: Crazy Like a Fox

      Nathan Burton


p42 Wizardz Magic Theater

      Wizardz Magic Theater


p50 Wonderground Evolution



p54 Soma: World Champion Stage Magician


p60 Centenary Celebration of Houdini’s Historic Flight

      Paul Zenon

      Aviation Historical Society of Australia


p67 Talk About Tricks

      Joshua Jay

      Jeff Prace


p74 Directions

      Joanie Spina

      Nathan Coe Marsh



p96 Recommended Retailers