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p12 Classic Correspondence

      Mike Caveney


p15 The Show Doctor

      Jeff McBride 


p17 Update

      World Magic Seminar 

      Nightmare Alley The Musical 

      Instead of Abracadabra 

      Dai Vernon Fonts

      Magic and Misdemeanors 

      Peter Marvey’s Magic House 

      Pajaros de Papel  


p30 Barry & Stuart: Part-time Warlocks

      Barry & Stuart 


p40 Steve Dacri: In Your Face

      Steve Dacri  


p42 Christian Cagigal: Now and at the Hour


p48 Magic! The Science of Wonder

      Houston Museum of Natural Science  

      Richard Hatch 


p65 Talk About Tricks

      Joshua Jay 

      Steve Cohen

      Harapan Ong

      Joachim Solberg


p74 Directions

      Scott Anderson

      Joanie Spina


p96 Recommended Retailers

      Misdirections Magic Shop