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p10 Mail

      Josephy Beuys

      Steve Schneiderman


p14 Classic Correspondence

      Mike Caveney


p19 The Show Doctor

      Jeff McBride 


p21 Update

      Best Kept Secrets 

      Plaster Rock 

      Mysteriioso / Baltimore Symphony



p28 Convention Grid

      Online Convention Guide  (our own page)


p34 Arturo Brachetti

      Arturo Brachetti


p48 Good Will Magic

      Scott Anderson


p50 SuperMagic presents Mistero



p56 Doing Well. Doing Good. Doing Magic.

      Jon Petz

      Miracles and Magic

      John Armato


p65 Talk About Tricks

      Joshua Jay 


p72 Directions

      Scott Anderson

      Joanie Spina


p96 Recommended Retailers

      Magic Arts Studio

      Jest for Fun