The End of an Era, The Beginning of a Legacy

MAGIC Magazine announces their final 25 issues —

your last chance to subscribe

During the last quarter century, MAGIC Magazine has published 300 issues, with thousands of tricks, stories, interviews, and columns. The goal was simple: to create the best magazine for magicians, in the hope of making the art even better.

Things have changed in the last 25 years, most notably the Internet and smart devices. But our goal is still the same, and so it is with great excitement we announce that we are going back to our roots and printing 25 final issues, premium editions that we call MAGIC Legacy.

MAGIC Legacy is an opportunity to raise the bar, shake things up, and break a few rules. One of the biggest changes with MAGIC Legacy is that these issues will not be sold individually; Legacy magazines will only be sold as a complete set. This allows us to do some exciting things on the pages of the magazine — and with the ship schedule — that we’ve never been able to do before.

We will share more details in the coming weeks but for now here are just a few of the things that will make Legacy special.

Limited print run. Legacy is sold exclusively as a complete set, and by subscription only.

Exclusive bonuses. For example, you’ll get a Legacy Deck — a deck of special gaffed cards for some amazing tricks found throughout the Legacy issues.

Remixing content.
We’re reimagining some of our favorite items from the past, while introducing plenty of new contributors, tricks, and stories.

Less Advertising. More selective. More interesting.

No digital edition. We’re going back to our roots of paper and ink.

Secret delivery dates. Legacy will not ship monthly. Twenty-five magazine will arrive in your mailbox at varying intervals — each a surprise, the way magic should be — but all by August 2018.

• This is the end. Legacy editions mark the end of MAGIC Magazine. The publication will not be sold or rebooted in any form. This is it!





MAGIC Legacy is a premium collection with a premium price.

Each Legacy issue has a cover price of $10, making the complete set of Legacy editions $250 (US). This price covers all 25 special edition magazines and all the bonuses, including a deck of gaffed cards. If these cards could be purchased separately as individual packet tricks, they alone would cost more than the price of Legacy.

But with our pre-publication specials, you don’t need to pay the full cost!

Subscribe by October 31, and the prepublication rate is only $175 (US). Even better, if you subscribe by September 30, you can get the special Early Bird pricing of only $140!

Plus, you can lock in Early Bird pricing today with a deposit of as little as $35. Additional payments will be charged on January 10th, March 10th, and May 10th 2017.

And if you are one of the first 10,000 to subscribe, you will receive a free copy of Square One, a new edition of the now highly collectible book sent to early MAGIC Magazine subscribers in 1991 when MAGIC was first launched.

Has MAGIC Magazine really come to an end?

After 25 years and 300 issues, the August 2016 issue was the last issue of MAGIC Magazine as we know it. But MAGIC will continue for two more years — 25 issues — as MAGIC Legacy.

What is MAGIC Legacy?

It is both the continuation of MAGIC as well as a celebration of the end of MAGIC Magazine. We will be revisiting and reimagining some of the best content from the last quarter century, as well as introducing plenty of new contributors, tricks, and stories.

Will MAGIC Legacy look different?

While we don’t want to spoil any surprises, rest assured we will stay true to our brand as we go back to our roots. For example, we have no intentions of changing the size of the magazine. But the look and feel will reflect the fact that these are special editions.

Will there be digital editions of the MAGIC Legacy magazines?

No, Legacy will not be available digitally. We’re going back to our roots — paper and ink. And we’ll be doing things that can only be done when a magazine physically arrives in your mailbox.

When will the Legacy issues arrive?

MAGIC Legacy will debut mid-November 2016, and the final issue will arrive by August 2018. With 25 issues in 23 months, this averages out to more than one per month, but the publication dates will be secret and will vary. The essence of magic is surprise!

Are you accepting suggestions for Legacy?

Of course. Even though we have already started working on the Legacy editions, we are always open to new suggestions, submissions, recommendations, and requests.

Will there still be advertising in the magazine?

Yes, but there will be less of it and it will be more selective, keeping it all more interesting.

Will I get anything else along with the magazines?

There will be exclusive bonuses with your subscription — most of which will be a surprise. Okay, we’ll tell you one: The Legacy Deck, a deck of special gaffed cards for some amazing tricks found throughout the Legacy issues. Plus, the first 10,000 pre-publication subscribers receive a copy of Square One.

What is Square One?

Square One is a book that was originally given to early MAGIC subscribers in 1991 and is a collector’s item today. It contains original routines and essays by some of magic’s greatest thinkers, including Tommy Wonder, Max Maven, Michael Weber, Jim Steinmeyer, Mike Caveney, Richard Kaufman, Eugene Burger, Jeff McBride, and others. In the spirit of going back to our roots, early subscribers to MAGIC Legacy will get a free copy of Square One.

Can I buy individual issues, or pick them up month by month?

No. Legacy is sold only as a complete set, in a limited print run, and only by subscription

Can I buy Legacy at my local dealer?

Sorry, Legacy is only available by subscription directly from MAGIC Magazine.

How much does MAGIC Legacy cost?

With a cover price of $10, a full set is $250. But for US subscribers who sign up by September 30, 2016, the complete set of 25 issues — plus bonuses — is only $140.

How much does Legacy cost outside the US?

In Canada, the full price is $295, with Early Bird pricing at $195. In all other countries, the full price is $330, with Early Bird pricing at $220.

Are there payment plan options?

Yes, a deposit of only $35 locks in your pre-publication price, with convenient payments due in January, March, and May 2017. Note: MAGIC Legacy is sold as a complete set; individual issues will not be sold.

How long will the Early Bird price be good?

The Early Bird price ends September 30, 2016. There will then be a pre-subscription price of $175 (domestic) through October 31, 2016. Starting November 1, Legacy will be available at the full cover price, while supplies last.

I still have issues remaining on my subscription to MAGIC Magazine. What do I do?

All the issues you are owed of MAGIC will be fulfilled with Legacy issues. If you wish to subscribe to the complete set of Legacy, we will apply the balance of your MAGIC payment to a Legacy subscription (at the current price offered), crediting you $5 for each issue of MAGIC you are owed. (International prices will be adjusted to allow for higher postage costs.)

Will I have the option to subscribe later?

This is a limited print run and sold only as a complete set. We will not go back and reprint issues. After November 1, 2016 you may continue to subscribe to the complete set for the full cover price, but only while supplies last. If you are a current subscriber and do not subscribe to Legacy now, you will have the option to complete your Legacy collection for the full cover price ($10 an issue) while supplies last.

Where can I go to subscribe to MAGIC Legacy?

Right here: You can also contact the MAGIC offices by mail or phone (after August 22, when we will return after MAGIC Live); see contact information below.

Why is Stan Allen ending MAGIC?

In Stan’s words, “I grew up watching Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. At the age of 66, and still at the top of his game, Johnny retired. Carson did it right. He did it on his terms, his timing. Well, I’m 66, and, after careful consideration, I’ve decided that the final issues of MAGIC Magazine are numbered. And I have selected 25 because it gives me just enough time to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do.”

Can I still buy back issues of the first 300 issues of MAGIC Magazine?

Yes. Go to to see all the back issues that are available.

Will Stan continue to do MAGIC Live?

Yes, and the next one will be in 2018.

Will Legacy ever be offered digitally?

No, the Legacy editions will be exclusively published on paper.

Is this really the end of MAGIC Magazine?

Yes. Legacy editions mark the end of MAGIC Magazine. The publication will not be sold or rebooted in any form. This is it!

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