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Stan Allen

As editor of MAGIC Magazine, I would like to welcome you to our website, offering a small sampling of what’s in the current and recent issues. You can now enjoy our monthly magazine in print and digitally, with subscriptions available annually or month to month. You can even purchase individual copies.

MAGIC is celebrating its 24th year of publication, and we’re very proud of being recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest-selling magic periodical in the world. Each month, our readers receive 100 pages filled with:

FEATURE STORIES that cover a complete spectrum of the art, asking the important questions along the way: Can magic be declared an art? Are magic awards good for our art? What is the best way to practice? What is the greatest magic shop ever? Plus profiles ranging from the famous to the obscure: Hector Mancha, Mat Franco, Will Fern, Chris Ramsay, Richard Wiseman, Richiardi... to name a few. We also feature reports on some of the best (and worst) shows you’ll ever see, as well as historical retrospectives and even predictions of the future.

GREAT NEW TRICKS are included each month in our tutorial section, brought to you by columnists Martin Lewis, Ian Rowland, Steve Reynolds, and Mike Bent, plus recent bonus material from Pit Hartling, Jon Armstrong, Steve Valentine, Hector Mancha, Chris Ramsay, Barrie Richardson, Danny Orleans, John Guastaferro, Will Fern, and more.

PLUS up-to-the-minute news, timely and honest product reviews, and editorials on all the hot topics. And all subscribers have free access to bonus material available at our innovative M360 site.

We are very proud of the team of Contributing Editors and Columnists that create the “magic” on these pages each month: Mike Bent, Mike Caveney, David Charvet, Michael Claxton, Simon Coronel, Peter Duffie, Jason England, Gabe Fajuri, Charlie Frye, Jamie D. Grant, Jaq Greenspon, Alan Howard, Rory Johnston, Jared Kopf, Mark Kornhauser, Martin Lewis, Shawn McMaster, Francis Menotti, Chris Philpott, Peter Pitchford, Steve Reynolds, Ian Rowland, and John Wilson.

From all of us here at MAGIC Magazine, we invite you to poke around this site and, hopefully, “join the family.”

Stan Allen

P.S. Don’t forget to check out MAGIC Live, our “unconventional convention,” where the pages of MAGIC Magazine come to life!

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