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A promotional Ace of Spades for Bicycles 808s.


The original Aviator box depicted Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis; the modern box features a jet.

A sampling of decorative Aces. Left to right: A Squeezer from the New York Consolidated Card Co.; Ace from a deck of Recruits from the Russell Playing Card Co. (not Russell & Morgan); the “Triton” Ace from NYCC.


A sampling of various Bee backs. The blue card with the two large bees in the center is exceptionally rare; this example comes from the Steve Forte collection.

A collection of Bee cards. The bike-riding King holding the Ace (upper left) is a counter used in whist. Note that some Bee designs have white borders. The Joker showing the “Squeezers” image is much older than it looks.

A color Bicycle Joker.


These 45 backs represent just over half of the designs released by the US Playing Card Co. in their Bicycle line.


A diagram of the old factory floor of the USPCC plant, showing the various processes cards went through in their manufacture.


When Bicycle sells decks of seconds, they are clearly marked as such.


Squeezer boxes bright.jpg
A selection of Squezers packaging.


A sampling of various Tally-Ho backs.


A montage created fror the back cover of an issue of Clear the Decks, the publication of the 52 + Joker card collectors association.


The four cards in the extremely rare “war series” from 1918: Big Gun, Dreadnaught, Flying Ace, and Invincible.



Images and illustrations provided by: 52 + Joker, Leo Behnke, Steve Bowling, Tom & Judy Dawson, Jason England, Steve Forte, Joseph Pierson, and US Playing Card Company.



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