1991 – 2016

In 1991, Stan Allen turned an eight-page newsletter into “an independent magazine for magicians” called MAGIC, averaging 100 glossy pages per month.

Over the next few years, MAGIC Magazine grew to be the most successful conjuring magazine in history. Guinness Book of World Records named it the “World’s Largest-Selling Magazine for Magicians,” ultimately with a paid readership of over 10,000.

After a 25-year run totaling 301 issues and 31,526 pages, Stan retired MAGIC Magazine in the fall of 2016.

A complete file of all 301 digital issues is available for purchase from Lybrary.com. Also, the collection is available for browsing with your subscription to Genii Magazine or Ask Alexander.

The publication lives on in the annual convention that bears its name, MAGIC Live! The event was originally produced in 2001 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of MAGIC Magazine, bringing the pages of the magazine to life.

Today, the same team that published the most prestigious magic magazine continues to produce the most prestigious convention, attracting over 1,600 magicians each year.

MAGIC Magazine

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